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Sanitary-ware installation systems and complements

SANITEA company it is 100% involved in installation systems, connectors and accessories for sanitary-ware. With the ceramic sector as our specialization since the very beginning, we work with plastics and metals to offer the most complete range of sanitary-ware complements on the market.

In our production plant, we can rely both on highly skilled human resources and on technologically advanced machinery, with an ever-greater focus on the quality control tests. In our labs, engineers and technicians constantly work to develop new systems and improve existing products.

Sanitary-ware production companies are our main target market. Product range is divided into fixing systems, pan connectors, cosmetic accessories and mould elements. The most suitable materials are chosen based on the intended use, in order to guarantee both the highest levels of mechanical performance over time and a perfect aesthetic appearance.

Easy to install durable systems

Smart but simple items.
Also “made-to-measure”

Our goal is to simplify the installation process and improve the functionality and aesthetics of the sanitary-ware through the use of simple but innovative complements.

All of our innovative installation systems have been brought to refinement keeping in mind real technical and commercial needs of the customers – the top priorities for the creation of a great product.

For special requirements or projects, our experts work together with the customer technical team to design and produce made-to-measure products, developing them in short times and competitive terms.

Quality and reliability

Certified safety and durability

All of our items are produced using high quality polymers and the best metal hardware. They undergo rigorous testings, comply with technical standards and are certified under the applicable regulations.

A particular point of pride for us is our logistics department: hundreds of items ready in stock give us the chance to guarantee reduced procurement times.